The via ferrata of Boffi is 20 minutes from Millau, it is a vertical and quite athletic via ferrata with vertiginous portions, at the crossroads of the Tarn gorges.
The view is breathtaking.
Its strong point: several routes to satisfy all levels!

An accessible Via Ferrata with everything you need to enjoy the sensations in a fabulous setting between lake and mountains.

On the programme: climbing, hiking, monkey bridge and a zip line course...

Halfway between hiking and climbing, a via ferrata is a course at height where you evolve on walls equipped with cables, bars, ladders, sometimes monkey bridges or footbridges!

The Via Ferrata of Boffi is a great way to satisfy all thrill-seekers. With an adrenalin-filled moment in the pear!

We advise you to go with one of our instructors, especially for novices. For the more experienced, you can opt for the rental option only.

   Gateways   Monkey bridges     Scale    Tyrolean traverse
2 4 0 2


The course was redone for the 2015 season. So if you've done it before, why not update?

A Via ferrata with two speeds: yellow course: not very difficult and red, difficult.

You will find 2 zip lines that are optional. The first is 75m long and the second is 90m long.

The via overlooks the Gorges de la Dourbie with a breathtaking view of the Gorges, the Larzac and the Millau viaduct, you know the magnificent bridge.


ViaFerrata advice

Don't forget the via ferrata of Liaucous.

It's best to master the zip line technique before you start zip lining. If you are not sure, you can take the escape route.



 Physics Yellow: 2
Red: 3
 Gas Yellow: 3
Red: 4
 Type  Mountain: 1
 Technical  2
 Evaluation  Yellow: Not Very Difficult
Red: Difficult