Via Ferrata of Florac in Lozère

An accessible Via Ferrata with everything you need to enjoy the sensations in a fabulous setting between lake and mountains.

On the programme: climbing, hiking, monkey bridge and a zip line course...

Halfway between hiking and climbing, a via ferrata is a course at height where you evolve on walls equipped with cables, bars, ladders, sometimes monkey bridges or footbridges!

The Via Ferrata of Florac in Lozère will satisfy all thrill-seekers. With an adrenalin-filled moment in the pear!

We advise you to go with one of our instructors, especially for novices. For the more experienced, you can opt for the rental option only.

  Gateway   Monkey bridge    Beam    Tyrolean traverse
3 3 monkey bridges
1 Nepalese bridge
1 1 x 50 m


This is heavy stuff, very heavy stuff! To begin with, if you are afraid of heights, it's better not to try this adventure. Then, in terms of muscle, you'd better be in shape, a bit like Schwarzenegger.

Two courses: one Difficult and the other extreme with a strong overhang with the sweet name of Casquette. Many bridges, moving walkways and a 50m zip line. Fun, very beautiful, but you have to train first.


ViaFerrata advice

If you are a beginner or have a fear of heights, skip it.

Take a lanyard to hide in the tricky passages.

On the approach path, if you keep quiet you may see vultures.



 Physics 4
 Gas 4
 Type  Mountain: 2
 Technical 3
 Evaluation Difficult Course
and Extreme