Jonte Gorges

Rock & Climbing Gorges de La Jonte

More than 300 routes, from 4c to 8c, in cliffs and towers of limestone dolomite, vertical or overhanging, with the local trademark: holes. The climbing is quite sustained.

Best of
"Women and climbers first", 5c+ max, 3 pitches (90 m), with a view of the huge rock just in front, and the ropes that come off the West ridge and give the ladder... .
"L'arête Ouest", 6a max, 3 pitches (110 m), climbing up the pillar (the loose rock) full throttle, with a view over the valley and the cirque des Vases.
"Le Bitard", 5c max, 4 pitches (105 m) and continue in "À moi la légion", 2 additional pitches 5c then 6a (45 m), after a gassy step to get back to the cliff from the top of Le Bitard, and its suspended lawn.
"La cathédrale", 7a+ max, 4 pitches (110 m), and its imposing wall, a bit more difficult.