Via Ferrata and mountain bike equipment rental

Via les Causses offers an innovative and sporty activity for experienced people.

At the beginning of Liaucous for its via ferrata you can at first confront yourself with the cliffs of the Causse de Sauveterre. From the village to the high point of the plateau, you will climb about 400m of difference in altitude, once you reach the top, mountain bikes will be waiting for you to go back down to the village!

Firstly, we provide you with the via ferrata equipment so that you can progress independently.

Our team will then give you an instructional and safety briefing for your progress.

The equipment rental includes a harness with two lanyards with fall absorber, a pulley, a resting lanyard and a helmet.

We ask you to bring sports shoes and a light backpack with water and cereal bars. In case of bad weather, trousers and a jacket will be necessary.

Then enjoy the via ferrata, once you reach the top, head to the bike park on the top of the plateau. Use your backpack to carry your via ferrata equipment, get on the bikes and enjoy the descent!

from €40 per person

How to do it?

For the multi-activity pack, departure is before 10.00 am and return before 6.00 pm.

As the number of mountain bikes is limited, we suggest that you book by telephone in advance.

We do not have children's mountain bikes, the smallest are size S.

Your material will then be prepared and available at the requested time.

The material will then be collected from our base in Liaucous.

Our team will then give you an instructional and safety briefing for your progress.

Reservation required, deposit required during rental: identity card and cheque.

Payment in cash or cheque to our team

Our conditions:

The rental of this equipment is possible for experienced people.

Participants must not have any medical contraindications to physical activities and sports. It is of course necessary to be able to handle a mountain bike.

For children we rent the appropriate equipment provided that the age, weight and height are respected. We rent from about 12 years old, 40 kg minimum, and 1m40 high.

These conditions are explained by the fact that the fall absorber does not work for weights under 40kg and for the monkey bridges it is better to be 1m40 tall. Therefore, for children entering in these conditions, the accompaniment by a guide is privileged (he will be able to rope the children).


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