Gorges du Tarn

The Tarn gorges offer breathtaking landscapes!
Without hesitation, this natural site will be one of your most beautiful holiday memories. 

You can soak up the beauty of this great site by taking a leisurely stroll through the paths and villages or by practising one of the many outdoor activities. Canoeing along the water, climbing the mythical cliffs or walking along the footpaths, you will discover breathtaking views.


Between troglodytic villages and perched medieval fortresses, the Tarn gorges are home to a remarkable built heritage, proof of a past rich in history, often located on the sunny slopes. Just look up to admire the castle of Peyrelade, the village of Mostuéjouls, or the hamlet of Saint Marcelin, where you can discover the traces of a troglodyte existence by following the hiking trail (PR 41) from the village of Liaucous. We strongly recommend that you visit these places during your stay.